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Friday Evening January 10, 2020


6:40 pm          Welcome to Evening Session

6:45 pm          Updates in Pediatric Anesthesia

Moderator:  Gary Scott, MD

Do we need to fast after clear fluids? – Jerrold Lerman, MD

FDA legislation and drug approval process –    Charles Cote, MD

Anesthesia and sedation in the pediatric cardiac cath lab – Annette Schure, MD

Pediatric brain and anesthesia – Mary Ellen McCann, MD, MPH

8:45 pm          ADJOURN and watch Fireworks

Saturday Morning January 11, 2020



7:50 am           Welcome:  Rebecca Margolis, DO

Moderator:  Marla Matar, MD

Social Media Primer: #PAF58 – Branden Engorn, MD

Anesthesia for the pediatric patient with asthma – Linda Mason, MD

Where there is a will there is an airway – Tiffany Frazee, MD

This is what I was taught Jerrold Lerman, MD

10:00 am         COFFEE AND EXHIBITS

10:30 am         Moderator:  Alex Bragg, MD

Sudden onset cardiomyopathies and anesthesia – Annette Schure, MD

Spinal cord ischemia in the resection of posterior mediastinal tumors – Eugene Kim, MD

11:50 am        LUNCHEON

1:00 pm          Introduction of the Digby Leigh Speaker – Barry Markovitz, MD & Tiffany Frazee, MD

Pediatric anesthesia neurotoxicity – Mary Ellen McCann, MD, MPH

2:00 pm          Afternoon Session

Moderator:  Patrick Ross, MD

What to do with poorly compliant lungs in the OR – Annopindar Bhalla, MD

Panel Discussion on ventilator management in the ICU and OR –

Panelists:  Alex Bragg, MD; Robinder Khemani, MD; Christopher Newth, MD;

Branden Engorn, MD; and Anoopindar Bhalla, MD

3:30 pm          COFFEE AND EXHIBITS

4:00 pm          Panel Session

Moderator:  Neha Patel, MD

Developmental Pharmacology Charles Cote, MD

Healthcare provider well-being - Sam Yanofsky, MD and Rebecca Margolis, DO

4:00 pm          BREAKOUT SESSION 1

Pediatric Considerations for Anesthesia Technicians and Technologists -

Michelle Lucero Cer.A.T., Rodney Foster Cer.A.T., Nancy Hernandez Cer.A.T., Sang Le, MD, and Carl Lo, MD

5:30 pm          ADJOURN

Sunday Morning January 12, 2020

8:00 am           Moderator: Karen Flotildes, DO

The patient has a DNR order - what should we do? Considerations for children with advanced care plans undergoing anesthesia – Debra Lotstein, MD, MPH

Anesthesiologists role in caring for a child on ECMO – Rajeev Wadia, MD

9:00 am           COFFEE AND TIME TO CHECK OUT

9:30 am           Moderator: REbecca Margolis, DO

PEDx Style talks

Stroke volume variation. Pulse pressure variation. Pleth variability index.  What are they and how do they apply to pediatric patients? – Marisa Bell, MD

Disrupting the clotting cascade: inherited coagulopathies in the OR – Andrew Costandi, MD

Anesthesia Jeopardy – Marissa Bell, MD, Jennifer Lau, MD, Rebecca Margolis, DO

Environmental sustainability in the OR: the role of the anesthesia provider – Kyle Sanders, MD

"On the same page": Consent and assent in the pediatric anesthesia patient – Jennifer Lau, MD

Squeeze 'em, shoot 'em, or leave 'em be? What to do about DVT prevention in pediatric patients – Lydia Andras, MD

Childhood obesity and OSA – Karen Flotildes, DO

12:30 pm        ADJOURN

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