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Friday Evening February 11, 2022


6:40 pm          Welcome to Evening Session

6:45 pm          Updates in Pediatric Anesthesia

Welcome:  Rebecca Margolis, DO, FAOCA

Moderator:  Gary Scott, MD

Long acting local anesthetics: How close are we to the Holy Grail of regional anesthesia? – Joseph Cravero, MD

Updates on PONV – Jerrold Lerman, MD

Reducing perioperative respiratory adverse events in children: What do we really know? – Leah Templeton, MD

Neuromonitoring – Todd Kilbaugh, MD

8:45 pm          ADJOURN and watch Fireworks

Saturday Morning February 12, 2022


7:50 am           Welcome:  Rebecca Margolis, DO, FAOCA

8:00 am           Morning Session 1

Moderator:  Rebecca Margolis, DO, FAOCA

Emergence Delirium – Sapna Kudchadkar, MD, PhD

Art into Science: Developing a Rational Approach to Extubation in Pediatric Patients Emerging from Anesthesia – Wes Templeton, MD

Social Determinants of Health and Pediatric Anesthesiology: New insights for perioperative medicine – Jonathan Tan, MD

What I learned as ASA President – Linda Mason, MD

Questions for the speakers

10:00 am         COFFEE AND EXHIBITS

10:30 am         Morning Session 2

Moderator:  Kyle Sanders, MD

Updates on Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Jerrold Lerman, MD

There’s no anesthesia like no anesthesia: Modern approaches to anesthesia and sedation for pediatric imaging studies – Leah Templeton, MD

Leading people who may not like you: Tales from a reluctant leader Tiffany Frazee, MD & Rebecca Margolis, DO, FAOCA

Questions for the speakers

12:00 pm        LUNCHEON

1:00 pm          Introduction of the Digby Leigh Speaker – Barry Markovitz, MD & Tiffany Frazee, MD

Responsible use of large data sets for pediatric anesthesia improvement – Joseph Cravero, MD

2:00 pm          Afternoon Session 1

Moderator:  Patrick Ross, MD

Updates on PALS Telianne Chon, DO, FAOCA

Practical approaches to one-lung ventilation in young children – Wes Templeton, MD

Neurosurgical emergencies – Todd Kilbaugh, MD

Questions for the speakers

3:30 pm          COFFEE AND EXHIBITS

4:00 pm          Afternoon Session 2

Moderator:  Patrick Ross, MD

Abnormal INR, what to do? – Asavari Kamerkar, DO

Updates in pain management for cardiothoracic surgery – Jocelyn Wong, MD

Jeopardy – Bjorn Jensen, MD; Marisa Bell, MD; Kyle Sanders, MD; and Karen Flotildes, DO, FAOCA

5:30 pm          ADJOURN

Sunday Morning February 13, 2022

8:00 am           Morning Session 1

Moderator: Samuel Yanofsky, MD, MSEd

Using QI to improve Social Determinants of Health – Grace Hsu, MD

Well-being: The beating heart of organizational change – Rebecca Margolis, DO, FAOCA

There is an I in Team: Tips for Inclusive Leadership – Jennifer Lau, MD

What’s the skinny on the skin – Karen Flotildes, DO, FAOCA

10:00 am           COFFEE AND TIME TO CHECK OUT

10:30 am           Morning Session 2

Moderator: Marla Matar, MD

PEDx Style talks

This too shall pass or not: Esophageal foreign bodies – Connie Mun-Price, DO

PGE & Me – Clementine Vo, DO

The breastfeeding mother, which medications affect our patients – Kate Than, DO

On a scale from 0 to 1: Digital pain medicine – Eugene Kim, MD

We have a new anesthesia workstation: Should that matter? - Samuel Nour, MD

Superman's Kryptonite: Positioning Injuries - Lydia Andras, MD

12:30 pm        ADJOURN

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