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Friday Evening February 9, 2018


6:40 pm         Welcome to Evening Session

6:45 pm         Updates in Pediatric Anesthesia

                        Moderator:  Gary Scott, MD

Caleb’s Law: Single provider sedation – Charles Coté, MD

Burns in the operating room – Jerrold Lerman, MD

Help: A Fontan on my list – Annette Schure, MD

Anticholinergic medications, from basic to very advanced – Todd Kilbaugh, MD

8:45 pm         ADJOURN and watch Fireworks

Saturday  Morning February 10, 2018

7:00 am         CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST AND EXHIBITS                

7:50 am         Welcome:  Rebecca Margolis, DO

8:00 am         Morning Session 1

                        Moderator:  Elizabeth Bragg, MD

Clinical pearls from the ICU – Todd Kilbaugh, MD

Can intubate, can’t ventilate: Difficult ventilation in the child with severe bronchospasm – Jürg Hammer, MD

Ultrasound for arterial, central venous, and peripheral venous access – Dean Andropoulos, MD

9:50 am         COFFEE AND EXHIBITS

10:20 am       Morning Session 2

                        Moderator:  Elizabeth Bragg, MD

Anesthesia for cleft lips and palates – John Fiadjoe, MD

Pearls and pitfalls in the management of midface craniofacial dyscrasias:  A surgeon’s perspective – Colin Brady, MD

Direct laryngoscopy: A skill rarely taught Jerrold Lerman, MD

12:05 pm       LUNCHEON

Saturday  Afternoon February 10, 2018

1:15 pm         Introduction of the Digby Leigh Speaker – Randall Wetzel, MB BS

 Anesthesia and the developing brain: Implications of the FDA warning – Dean Andropoulos, MD

2:30 pm         Afternoon Session 1

Moderator:  Samuel Yanofsky, MD, MSEd

Help:  What to do with these cardiac patients coming for non-cardiac procedures Annette Schure, MD

Mechanical ventilation in the OR, why are you using adult guidelines in pediatrics? – Patrick Ross, MD

3:30 pm         COFFEE AND EXHIBITS

 4:00 pm         Afternoon Session 2

Moderator:  Samuel Yanofsky, MD, MSEd

Latex allergies and anaphylaxis – Charles Coté, MD

Immersive technologies in pediatric perioperative medicine – Thomas Caruso, MD and Samuel Rodriguez, MD

Mindfulness – John Fiadjoe, MD

5:30 pm         ADJOURN

Sunday  February 11, 2018



8:00 am         Ultrasound Workshop

** Early registration and separate fee required

Andrew Costandi, MD; Eugene Kim, MD; Sang Le, MD; Carl Lo, MD


8:00 am         Morning Session 1

Moderator: Neha Patel, MD

Management of arrhythmias in the OR – Michelle Schlunt, MD

Anesthesia for craniosynostosis – Tiffany Frazee, MD

The art of induction:  Applications of medical humanities in perioperative medicine – Samuel Rodriguez, MD


10:00 am       Morning Session 2

Moderator: Neha Patel, MD

Tylenol: Beyond the rose-colored glasses – Rebecca Margolis, DO

Rigid and flexible bronchoscopy in the NICU and PICU – Jürg Hammer, MD

From paper to practical:  Translating evidence based mentorship strategies into programs that accelerate professional growth – Thomas Caruso, MD

Managing social media:  The medical perspective – Jennifer Lau, MD

12:30 pm       ADJOURN

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